We have adopted following procedures to assure the quality of the products from the stage of Raw Material procurement to dispatch of finished products strictly in accordance with relevant IS standards & the relevant drawings and/or samples.

1. SOURCE OF PROCUREMENT OF RAW MATERIAL : Raw materials are procured only from the established reputed Manufacturers/Dealers.  

2. INSPECTION OF RAW MATERIAL & ACCEPTABILITY : Our Quality Control Engineer inspects the raw materials as per the relevant IS/DIN/BS/AISI etc. standard as mentioned in the purchase order.  Wherever necessary (In case of bulk quantity), sample Pieces are sent to Government Testing Laboratory to confirm the quality of the material.

  • Method of Check & Inspection: 100% Visual & dimensional (Randomly in case of bulk quantity).
  • Laboratory Testing: External (Chemical & Mechanical).
  • Reference Documents: Purchase Order & Technical Specification.
  • Acceptance Criteria: Laboratory test report & visual satisfaction.
  • Inspection Record: MTC supplied by party and/or test report done by us.

3. INSPECTION OF SPARE PARTS & ACCEPTABILITY : Spares parts are procured only from the   reputed/approved manufacturers/dealers only to assure genuineness of the products.

  • Method of Check & Inspection: 100% Visual (Randomly in case of bulk quantity).
  • Reference Documents: Purchase Order & Technical Specification.
  • Acceptance Criteria: Dimensional correctness, visual satisfaction & Guarantee Certificate.
  • Inspection Record: Dimensional Report & Guarantee Certificate.

4. PRODUCTION AND ON LINE INSPECTION FACILITIES : Production activities are done strictly as per the approved drawing, tolerance chart and/or sample issued by the customer. All the components are stage-inspected in the different stages of manufacturing to assure that the dimensions are within the permissible limits/tolerances as per the relevant standards/drawings.

5. ASSEMBLY AND TESTING : After preparation of different components and proper inspection these are sent to assembly yard for assembly and/or welding. Wherever necessary, as per the requirement of the products, items are tested in our shop.  Heat treatment is done from external houses wherever necessary as per customers’ specification or relevant IS standards.

6. OUT GOING INSPECTION FACILITIES : After completion of manufacturing process, the items are finally checked by the production supervisor and offered to ‘Quality Control In charge’ for final inspection.  After final inspection, the items are cleared for despatch or offered to the customer for inspection at our site if there is pre-despatch inspection. In case of pre-despatch inspection, materials are dispatched only after getting despatch clearance or inspection certificate from the customer.

7. PERFORMANCE : Regular feedback from our customers helps us in performance appraisal which is critical in our goal of “ULTIMATE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION”

N.B. Specific QAPs are there for relevant products.

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