1 Automatic Pipe Cutting, Facing & Chamfering. Pipes are cut-to-size, faced & chamfered automatically without any deviation in single setting. Chamfering of pipe face protects the belt from damaging in case it touches the edge of the idler.
2 Double Head Pipe Boring machines. Pipes faces are bored automatically without any deviation in single setting simultaneously at the both ends of pipe for proper fitting of bearing housing for better concentricity of roller.
3 Double headed automatic welding machine Pneumatically operated inert gas welding (CO2) torches weld the housing at both ends of the roller simultaneously with single setting facility ensuring concentricity of the roller shell. Welding is as per IS: 7018 to ensure higher strength as well as welding smoothness.
4 Universal Iron Worker Machine Cutting of shaft of roller in single setting, slotting, punching & shearing of Angles, Channels, Flats for fabrication of idler brackets. Cutting of roller shaft in single setting ensures exact length of shaft. Punching, shearing, slanting & slotting of bracket sections ensures accuracy & finishing of product.
5 Double Head Semi-Automatic & CNC Shaft Turning Machine. Simultaneous turning of shaft is done to ensure concentricity of shaft which excellently minimizes the run-out of roller.
6 Double Head Milling Machine. Simultaneous milling of shaft end is done to ensure accuracy of flattening for fitting on to the bracket properly.
7 Automatic Idler Bearing/sealing Fitting Machine. Bearing & internal sealing are fitted in to the rollers by complete automatic system ensuring proper fitting of rollers & sealing arrangement enhancing life of the rollers in the long run in comparison to manual fitting of bearing.
8 Dust and water ingress testing equipment Blower/high speed jet showers are used in specially designed sealed chambers where rollers are driven by motor to spray dust & water. Sealing arrangements are broken/opened to check presence of dust or water particle in the sealing arrangement. Dust-ingress is checked through the grease filtration process.
9 Performance Testing Facilities. In-Plant extensive performance testing facilities like water, friction factor, eccentricity are available to check the same before dispatch to ensure desired performance of the roller.




    1. Before installation, the Idlers should be stored on a platform above the ground level, in a horizontal position and should be protected from sunlight, fog & rain.
    2. The frames have to be stored one over other in a horizontal, opposite position.
    3. During stacking, care should be taken to avoid the damage of other idlers and frames.
    4. Handling of these idlers and frames during transportation, installation and removal will largely assess the life of these items. Hence utmost care should be taken to avoid accidental fall or hit, while handling the idlers and frames.
    5. During handling, the frames should be lifted at both the ends and not at a single end. Throwing of idlers & brackets during loading or unloading should be strictly avoided.
    6. The idlers and frames should be protected (at least covered) from welding, gouging operations of structural etc., that take place in the proximity.
    7. The Idlers & frames shall not be immersed in Water or slurry.
    1. Care should be taken that the working capacity shall not exceed the design capacity. Similarly, the belt speed shall not be decreased from the design belt speed.
    2. Both the fixing points of the idler sets should be horizontal without which the idler training effect will be lost.
    3. Ensure the required numbers of impact idlers in the loading zone.
    4. Ensure proper troughing angles of carrying impact & transition and return idlers.
    5. Ensure proper idler spacing of carrying, return & impact idler sets.
    1. Under any circumstances, use of hammer, crowbar etc, to be avoided that damages the critical dimensions/parts.
    2. Remove the damaged rolls immediately, if not, the adjacent rollers will be over loaded and tend to fail.
    3. Take-up arrangements should be properly maintained to ensure proper alignment of belt.
    4. Belt to be aligned to the centerline of the system by means of scheduled maintenance.
    5. Loading on the impact bed should be uniform. Off-center loading will definitely damage the belt as well as impact idler sets.
    6. The idlers are sufficiently greased & sealed for life. Hence no re-greasing is necessary.
    7. The idler internal arrangements should not be disturbed/dismantled.
    8. The shaft, bearing & housing are precision machined within the tolerance limits and assembled in a suitable fixture. Opening should not be done without suitable fixture or by hammering. This will cause irreparable damages to the idlers.
    9. The idlers shall be allowed to run free without any obstruction due to accumulated Dust, Slurry, and Overburden or conveyed spilled materials.
    10. The idler zone shall be periodically cleaned, to avoid accumulation of Dust, Overburden or Conveyed material, for Free Running of the idlers.
    11. There shall not be any over load on the carrying wing idler mounting bracket along with wind guard.
    12. Both sides of the wing idler mounting bracket should not be welded with any other parts.

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